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We facilitate multifamily real estate investment opportunities for healthcare professionals.


As a trusted leader in wealth-building opportunities, we enable healthcare professionals to invest passively. We envision a future where every investor, regardless of experience, can confidently navigate the multifamily real estate market and achieve financial success.

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Value-Add Multifamily Real Estate

Meet Our Team

Patrick Desamours

Founder and CEO

Patrick Desamours is the founder of Klinician Capital, with a rich history of real estate investment dating back to 2011. With a portfolio exceeding $3 million, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Patrick has more than a decade of experience as a practicing hospitalist PA and healthcare leader, demonstrating exceptional leadership and operational prowess. His track record includes spearheading numerous successful hospitalist programs, as well as mentoring and training physicians and advanced practice providers. Now leveraging his expertise in operations and real estate, Patrick is dedicated to assisting healthcare professionals in passive real estate investment. He proudly serves as a member of the editorial board for the Society of Hospital Medicine and was honored as the 2019 Hospitalist Non-Physician Provider of the Year by the Society of Hospital Medicine Maryland Chapter. Patrick currently holds the esteemed position of senior fellow at the Society of Hospital Medicine and volunteers as the membership director for the SHM Maryland chapter, which received both the Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award and the Platinum Status Chapter Excellence Award in 2023.
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Gerard Mercier

Chief Investment Officer

Gerard Mercier oversees all acquisitions and develops and implements our investment strategies. With more than 25 years of experience, his exceptional operational skills make him the perfect fit to manage system implementation, strategic planning and change management.

Gerard has provided IT services to hundreds of users across 16 locations and managed a support team of 14, ensuring high system availability and swift issue resolution. He successfully reduced the budget preparation cycle by 60% through process simplification, implementing a bottom-up approach and supporting it with a custom-made software solution developed in-house.

Gerard also supported distributed control systems and manufacturing plant operations and maintenance, leading to more accurate issue prediction. His continual security assessment, monitoring and user training resulted in a successful CISA Department of Defense audit in January 2022.

Daniel Brillant

Asset Manager

Daniel Brillant is responsible for the asset management of the Klinician Capital portfolio. He is a dynamic team player with more than 20 years of experience across multiple fields, including design, engineering, production, purchasing, sales and quality control.

He has served as operations and supply chain manager for more than a decade, overseeing operations with $180 million in sales. Results-driven and dedicated, he possesses a broad background in planning and leading operations within manufacturing environments. His expertise lies in evaluating and implementing continuous process improvements to minimize waste, reduce costs, and maximize quality and yield.

Daniel’s educational background includes a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Ottawa, complemented by a creative mindset and the achievement of five patents.

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